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CyTec locking device with pre-stressed tightening
Three-dimensional clamping systems
Locking device with coupling
Hydromechanical clamping systems
Docking systems with self-locking
Pallet Clamping Systems
Collet Clamp Locking Systems

Cytec Clamping Technology

CyTab clamping system with indexing
CyDock docking system with safety lock
CyDim hydromechanical clamping system
CyTrac Hydro-/ pneumo-mechanical coupling/locking system

CyFrame CyFrame: Framing clamping system in Car body welding lines

CyFrame: Framing clamping system in Car body welding lines

Framing clamping system for indexed Frames in Car body welding lines. High-precision centering with air-operated clamping units ensures superior clamping force and automatic self-locking in locked position enables a safety lock thanks to an integrated censoring probe!

CyTec CyFrame docking system enables high quality processing for car body framing welding lines

CyTab CyTab: Pallet clamping system

CyTec clamping technology CyTab Pallet Clamping System
CyTec clamping technology CyTab Pallet Clamping System

Pallet clamping system for indexed pallets in rotary milling machines. For precise clamping of pallets in rotary milling machines CyTec offers a universal clamping system based on the CyTrac collet clamp lock. This system has proved popular due to its high clamping forces and system rigidity. As a result, high levels of reliability and operational safety are guaranteed. The CyTab is self-locking and makes a strong coupling that is shielded from the highest effects of vibration.

CyDock CyDock: Dock Lock - The CyTec locking coupling, mechanically connects and positively locks two parts, with low backlash as required but, however, without preload.

CyTec clamping technology CyDock docking system
View the CyDock docking system video

The CyDock docking system guarantees the ultimate in precision and safety using simple technology.

A coupling bolt is automatically positively locked by means of radially operating locking segments.

The coupling is released by applying hydraulic or pneumatic force. Holding forces of up to several hundred tons can be achieved. 

CyDock is suitable whenever secure connections have to be made and released as easily as possible.

CyTrac CyTab: Collet Clamp Lock - The CyTec units automatically clamp and lock with pre-load.

CyTec clamping technology Cytrac Collet clamp lock CyTec clamping technology CyDock docking system

The previously described advantages of the CyDim are dramatically enhanced by the actions of a positively locked collet coupling, making it possible to realize the total functions: Couple - clamp - lock with only one element and without any need of additional control requirements. The system also could be named "the automatic screw".

CyLock CyLock: Locking Cylinder - The CyTec locking cylinder mechanically positively locks the piston rod to the desired end position (also with pre-load).

CyTec clamping technology CyLock Hydraulic/Pneumatic cylinder with positive locking
CyTec clamping technology CyLock Hydraulic/Pneumatic cylinder with positive locking

Hydraulic/Pneumatic cylinder with positive locking

In modern production, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders are standard for linear stroke movements. When guaranteed rigidity under load and failsafe function is required the CyLock cylinder with positive locking is the right choice. Due to its positive locking at the end of stroke, many interesting and easy technical solutions are possible. The cylinders enable a considerable simplification of complicated conventional construction. No additional mechnanic or steering is required. The positive locking automatically becomes effective when the cylinder reaches the lockable final position. It remains locked even when the pressure is disconnected. Since the holding force in the locked position is many times that of the cylinder's hoisting power, high counterforces can also be safely absorbed. The main benefits are: reduced construction-, cost- und production effort less parts leading to higher reliability longer productive cycles


With its clamping technology, CyTec provides joining elements universally applicable thus satisfying almost any requirement on flexible manufacturing - with high precision and rigidity.

Host system with safety lock - Three-dimensional clamping systems - Innovative clamping technology for the machin tool industry.

Cytec Clamping and Locking Technology with CyTab, CyDock, CyDim and CyTrac
Cytec Docking system with safety lock, Three dimensional clamping system, Collet clamp lock

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